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  • WOW!
    July 31, 2007, No comments

    What a night! As I sat prepping for YearlyKos, the convention of the liberal blogosphere, Mike Stark of Calling All Wingnuts posted some great news at DailyKos. I can’t imagine […]

  • Affecting change from within…
    July 14, 2007, No comments

    The addition of former Senator Mike Gravel (D-AK) to an upcoming Human Rights Campaign presidential candidate forum represents a sea change for the progressive gay blogosphere. Whether one thinks Gravel […]

  • Larry Flynt offers $1 million
    June 3, 2007, No comments

    Hustler offers $1 million for sex smut on Congress: Hustler magazine is looking for some scandalous sex in Washington again — and willing to pay for it. “Have you had […]

  • Conservatives eat their own…
    May 14, 2007, No comments

    Patrick McHenry will blame liberals and Democrats for exposing McHenrygate. After all, this is the guy who blamed Foleygate on Pelosi. Then comes this document dump, showing complaints filed by […]

  • Morning sessions at the DNC
    February 2, 2007, No comments

    The morning DNC meeting had some great speeches. From my seat the best orator by far was Barak Obama. The most popular speaker was Hillary Clinton. And, I believe, Chris […]