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  • Another poll…
    December 19, 2006, No comments

    This site’s readers have been big supporters of Lane Hudson, the blogger who first posted the Mark Foley letters. I’ll be writing more about his being honored by Time magazine […]

  • A gay hero needs our help
    December 12, 2006, No comments

    Within hours of Ted Haggard’s exposure, the community was calling on folks to donate funds to Mike Jones, the man who exposed the evangelist of hate as a closeted, a […]

  • Republicans negligent in Foley matter
    December 8, 2006, No comments

    From Raw Story: A House ethics panel announced today Republican members of congress showed ‘disconcerting unwillingness’ and negligence in handling inappropriate e-mails sent from former Congressman Mark Foley (R-FL) to [&hellip ...

  • What will Dobson think?
    November 21, 2006, No comments

    Remember Jay Timmons? I reported on him at the same time I reported on Foley operative Kirk Fordham, in July 2005. Jay was the very first recipient of the sites […]

  • And now, from the ‘Department of Duh!’
    November 5, 2006, No comments

    AlterNet: Haggard, Foley and GOP Preach Against the Vices They Can’t Shake: Are all homophobic Republicans secretly gay? The leaders of the party with a penchant for condemning others would […]