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August 16, 2010, No comments

This could be fun. You can listen live at the radio’s website and call in and talk to Larry Craig! Larry will be appearing later tonight on Boise station KBOI-670.Idaho […]

Fun times…

July 13, 2010, No comments

Guest hosting the Michelangelo Signorile Show yesterday was a real thrill. Of course, I am grateful to Michelangelo for giving me the opportunity̷ ...

That bald spot is Larry Craig

June 3, 2010, No comments

It’s almost impossible to imagine that Larry Craig was stupid enough to sit down with John Oliver. Then again he was stupid enough to have sex i ...

NOT an outing

April 21, 2010, No comments

I’m going on the Ed Schultz show today at 1:05pm. In addition to his MSNBC show, Ed has a national afternoon radio show. It was on Ed’s sh ...

  • Marry Poppins
    November 12, 2009, No comments

    No, not Mary… Marry… (I love a video with a reference to Larry Craig. This one is good):

  • Welcome HBO visitors
    October 5, 2009, No comments

    Greetings! Most of today’s visitors have seen tonight’s premiere of OUTRAGE on Home Box Office. If you watched the movie I hope you enjoyed it and that it gave you […]

  • What is up with all these Republicans?
    September 22, 2009, No comments

    It’s not me asking, it’s George W. Bush…Bush allegedly said of Larry Craig: ‘What is up with all these Republicans?’ President George W. Bush was flabbergasted by the revelation that […]

  • A great interview with Greta
    September 17, 2009, No comments

    If you are not familiar with Greta Christina’s Blog, you should make it a point to drop by. She describes it as ‘Sex, atheism, politics, dreams, and whatever.’ Greta is […]

  • Screen shot 2011-07-10 at 9.12.24 PM
    Andre Bauer, SC Lt. Gov.
    August 31, 2009, No comments

    UPDATE: Major media runs with story First to dispense with all of the right wingers who will post in the comments that I have not come up with physical proof […]

  • Larry Craig’s chance to check out Outrage
    July 30, 2009, No comments

    Idaho Statesman’s review of OUTRAGE: Also in ‘Outrage’s’ cross hairs is former Idaho Sen. Larry Craig, who was busted for sexual solicitation in a Minnesota airport bathroom but continues to […]