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  • I BEG you, your honor…
    September 10, 2008, No comments

    “Your honor, sir, I beg of you, please show me some mercy. I fall to my knees as a demonstra– Oh, wait, um, er….”Larry Craig returns to court to fight […]

  • Potecting marriage in Idaho…
    August 25, 2008, No comments

    Apparently blow jobs in train station and airport bathrooms is not enough to put Larry Craig’s marriage on the rocks… But a same-sex wedding card? Whoaaaaaaaaaah! Hallmark stores refuse to […]

  • Getting to a fillibuster-proof majority…
    August 13, 2008, No comments

    I’ve talked with folks much more knowledgeable than myself about the possibility of election day results bringing us a filibuster-proof majority of Senators who support LGBT equality. Barring a story […]

  • Corruption trumps gay
    August 1, 2008, No comments

    Margaret Carlson: Let’s take a civics quiz. In Congress which is worse: being corrupt or being gay? Time is up. Pencils down. If you answered being gay, you’ve been paying […]

  • Quick history lesson
    July 26, 2008, No comments

    In 2004, who heard about Ed Scrock first? BlogActive Confidential subscribers.In 2006, who heard about Larry Craig first? BlogActive Confidential subscribers.It’s 2008, you’ll want to be a subscriber. Note: This […]

  • So let me understand this….
    June 30, 2008, No comments

    …the guy who uses a prostitute and puts his wife at risk for contracting a sexually transmitted disease thinks we should discriminate against people with HIV? Is David Vitter trying […]

  • Larry Craig, the gift that keeps on giving
    June 27, 2008, No comments

    You just can’t make this stuff up. Larry Craig and David Vitter co-sponsor Marriage Protection Amendment: Two United States Senators implicated in extramarital sexual activity have named themselves as co-sponsors […]

  • Amazon to sell lurid pornography
    May 29, 2008, No comments

    Former members of Congress have to take a bit of time before becoming high priced lobbyists. Larry has a plan. He’s going to write about his career in politics. The […]