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  • It works…
    February 5, 2008, No comments

    The Larry Craigs of the world are easy ongoing targets. Despite an arrest in an airport sex sting, he still doesn’t get it. And while he tries to change people’s […]

  • The founders got it right
    January 3, 2008, No comments

    Some Americans get it that religion has no place in politics. As I tell my friends, the “people” who write “the rules” don’t want you talking about politics and religion […]

  • Larry Craig gives money to dudes…
    December 18, 2007, No comments

    Senator Larry Craig (R-Idaho), disgraced after his arrest for seeking sex in the Minneapolis, Minnesota airport, is, according to the Capital Hill newspaper Roll Call, “still willing to pay for […]

  • Spoken for…
    December 3, 2007, No comments

    This guy BigHead DC keeps digging deeper. I said in my previous post that Dan Popkey has written about Larry Craig. Somehow the blogger took this to mean I was […]

  • Dan Popkey has been on the story…
    December 3, 2007, No comments

    Dan Popkey, the reporter who wrote about Larry Craig for the Idaho Statesman, has written about More gay men describe sexual encounters with U.S. Sen. Craig: Four gay men, willing […]