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May 20, 2010, No comments

Five years ago I exposed Robert Traynham at PageOneQ as a closeted anti-gay Communications Director working for Rick Santorum. How an African-American gay man could be the man who sold […]

Where were you on July 4, 1976?

July 5, 2007, 1 Comment

Where were you on the nation’s Bicentennial? I was in Philadelphia, birthplace of liberty. When I reported on Robert Traynham and it was in the ...

Happy Anniversary…He’s baaaaaaaack!

July 2, 2007, No comments

Remember Robert Traynham? Two years ago this month I reported on his being a closeted gay man working for Rick Santorum. The Philadelphia Inquirer pic ...

December 6, 2006, No comments

From Jeremy at Good As You: This is a totally unconfirmed Internet rumor. We repeat, this is a totally unconfirmed Internet rumor sent to us by a read ...

  • Another day…. Another report…
    October 20, 2006, No comments

    Back to the Ed Schultz Show today…5:40pm EST… It will be a quick one…If you thought Traynham working for Santorum is strange… wait till you hear this one!Ed is one […]

  • Was about to…
    October 20, 2006, No comments

    I was about to post another senior staffer for a major homophobe. Then I remembered the tracton I got on Santorum with Traynham. So, I decided to contact press people […]

  • Another success…
    August 8, 2006, No comments

    You know I think it’s kind of funny when people say the blog has no effect: 1. Reports on Robert Traynham, a gay man who works for Rick Santorum.2. […]

  • October 11, 2005, No comments

    I’ve been asked a few times, “How many people have you reported on?” While I’ve never kept a count, I did go through the blog today to make a list. […]

  • Ricky whines to Bill O’Leilly
    July 25, 2005, No comments

    I used to like watching Bill O’Leilly on FOX…not because I agreed with him, but because it was fun to predict how quickly he could shift positions to support the […]