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  • Welcome, Welcome, Welcome
    August 28, 2007, No comments

    Wow. I’m getting more hits tonight in each hour than I normally get in a quiet week on the site. Welcome to those of you coming in via Yahoo!, the […]

  • Mandatory sentencing
    July 11, 2007, No comments

    There’s an effort afoot to convince David Vitter’s wife to change her mind. In response to the Clinton impeachment, Wendy Vitter said, “I’m a lot more like Lorena Bobbitt than […]

  • I can’t wait to see their faces…
    December 6, 2006, No comments

    Mary Cheney and Partner Are About to Be Moms: Mary Cheney, the vice president’s openly gay daughter, is pregnant. She and her partner of 15 years, Heather Poe, are ‘ecstatic’ […]

  • Denver Post calls out James Dobson
    November 3, 2006, No comments

    The times are changing. Just two years ago we learned that papers owned by the Denver Post protect David Dreier by hiding his relatonship with his lover, Brad Smith. Today, […]

  • Roy Blunt tries to change movie rating
    June 20, 2006, No comments

    Today and yesterday Hollywood has a way ofmaking things seem different than theyare, movies about Indians are agreat example of this. Many times grossly inaccurate. NOTE: Welcome Crooks and Liars […]

  • I’m not saying he’s gay…
    March 31, 2006, No comments

    White House Chief of Staff withOfficial GOP beard, er, um, I mean Bo Derek. So, the new White House Chief of staff is unmarried and brings his mom to official […]