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  • Much Ado About Outing
    November 8, 2005, No comments

    Jasmyne Cannick Over on PageOneQ, Jasmyne Cannick has an article up, Much Ado About Outing. Readers may recall that Jasmyne and Keith Boykin waged an activist campaign to educate the […]

  • Proud of Who We Are
    October 21, 2005, No comments

    I had the pleasure of meeting with members of the press representing outlets such as the Wall Street Journal, Roll Call, and National Journal about a grassroots effort, Proud of […]

  • October 11, 2005, No comments

    I’ve been asked a few times, “How many people have you reported on?” While I’ve never kept a count, I did go through the blog today to make a list. […]

  • That was fun….Another take action
    September 29, 2005, No comments

    Well, well well….Just when we thought former wrestling coach Dennis Hastert had control of his causcus in comes a mini-revolt. To put it BLUNTYly, in a closed door session of […]

    September 28, 2005, No comments

    UPDATE: I just knew that Dennis Hastert couldn’t stand some queer congressman right under him. GAY U.S. REP. DAVID DREIER IS SPEAKER HASTERT’S PICK FOR MAJORITY LEADER AS DELAY IS […]