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  • Today’s fact of the day
    October 18, 2006, No comments

    The media are quick to point out that Larry Craig is married and has two children. This is true. In the wake of the Congressional sex and drug scandal of […]

  • Why the wait?
    February 9, 2006, No comments

    People have written and asked me why I won’t release the name of the closeted Senator referred to in the letter. The reason is simple. Since the Democratic Senatorial Campaign […]

    November 23, 2005, No comments

    Dumbfuckistan. That is what a reader told me he and his partner call their home state of Virginia. And, living across the bridge from that godforsaken state, I really am […]

  • Comment Deleted
    November 9, 2005, No comments

    The site has had bit of a back and forth with one Garreth Westwood. Over a YEAR after he posted a comment, he wrote in to ask for it to […]

  • October 11, 2005, No comments

    I’ve been asked a few times, “How many people have you reported on?” While I’ve never kept a count, I did go through the blog today to make a list. […]

  • Polling update
    October 6, 2005, No comments

    With more precincts reporting, the vote supports pro-reporting hypocrisy. (and from the numbers in Bushworld, I have a mandate. (Or was it Mark Foley who had a mandate, or Ed […]