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  • Huh?
    August 16, 2005, No comments

    “ex-gay” Richard Cohen(Not counting mentor cuddling, of course) So…lots of Ex-gay news today. WaPo has a big item on the Ex-gay movement and then there’s this item on reparative therapist, […]

  • What’s on the way.
    March 10, 2005, No comments

    Here’s a note from Mark Foley’s site in his handwriting.You need more proof, you say?Source: Greetings. The post with all of the information on Rep. Mark Foley (R-FL) is […]

  • Hustler On the Stands in DC
    December 7, 2004, No comments

    I am most definitely one guy who buys Hustler for the articles. ESPECIALLY THIS ISSUE. blogACTIVE readers please note: Using your company directory (above) or something similar will help keep […]