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  • Let me get this right….
    July 16, 2005, No comments

    From Stephen over at Impressive Instant: OK, so Senator Santorum is saying it is NOT acceptable for us to expose the fact that his Director of Communications is a gay […]

  • hernandez
    Israel Hernandez, Bush appointee
    June 24, 2005, No comments

    Original title: Izzy or Izn’t he? Rush and Malloy call out Bush appointee for hiding his male lover I thought the days of private early morning/late night tours (complete with […]

  • ATTENTION: Family Research Council…
    April 15, 2005, 1 Comment

    ….Hey assholes. When will you learn that it’s not a choice? Do we need to send closet case Lee LaHaye, son of Benverly and Tim AND the Chief Financial Officer […]