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  • Hello world!
    March 9, 2011, No comments

    Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

  • What a surprise
    February 9, 2011, No comments

    This may shock you. An anti-gay, right wing Republican US Rep. is caught on-line cheating on his wife. WaPo: New York Rep. Chris Lee resigns from the House: Rep. Chris ...

  • $250 reward…
    December 24, 2010, No comments

    I’m offering a $250 reward to anyone who can find a place where I said I was outing Lindsey Graham.

  • An update… And a clarification…
    December 22, 2010, No comments

    I met with the lawyer today. He has some suggestions for me to take. I’ve prepared a written letter for Lindsey Graham’s press secretary that I will be mailing tomorrow. ...

  • Good to see my old friend….
    December 21, 2010, No comments

    And by “old” I mean someone I met a while ago… Not “old” in years, right Chris? I went on TV with Chris Barron back in 2004 when I first ...

  • December 20, 2010, No comments

    I’ll be shredding some right-wing gay Republican on the Ed Show, MSNBC, tonight at 6pm ET.