New York City Councilman Vincent Gentile

TAKE ACTION: Write Vincent Gentile AND the New York City Council Standards and Ethics Committee

It’s nice to be back home after a quick trip to New York City. While there, I appeared on a panel on outing and saw some old friends from my days as a resident of the Big Apple.

While in New York I learned a bit more about the case of a gay City Council member who sold the gay community out in exchange for a City Council seat. Check out this article on Vincent Gentile at Gay City News.

Vincent Gentile
Former State Senator, Current NY City Councilmember, Gay, Homophobic

I heard Tom Shanahan speak at the NYC Lesbian and Gay Community Services Center. I heard how Gentile (when he was in the State Senate) promised his constituents he would vote for the New York State version of the non-discrimination in employment act. I heard how Gentile turned his back on the gay community at the last minute, ending up as just one of a few Democrats to not support the bill. I also heard how Gentile had a relationship with a male campaign worker years ago and how that relationship began under similar circumstances mentioned in a new ethics complainst aginast the Councilmember. Gentile sold his gay and lesbian brothers and sisters down the river. Why? Because he thought his vote would help him secure his election to the New York City Council. And now, the closet has proven once again how dangerous a place it can be.


blogACTIVE readers, please click here and write to Councilmember Gentile and tell him what you think of his hiding in the closet while sleeping with campaign staff and while voting against the gay and lesbian community. Your note will be forwarded to the NYC Council’s Standards and Ethics Committee members, which is investigating the ethics complaint filed against Mr. Gentile by his former chief of staff, John Martin.

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