How Spitzer screwed the gays

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When I worked at the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force in the mid-90’s I used to say that the last generation busted open the closet and that this generation’s challenge is to secure marriage rights in at least one state. If we could just accomplish that, we’d have done well.

Twelve years ago, I never would have guessed it would happen as soon as it did. With Massachusetts out of the way, liberal state legislators have been discussing and debating marriage equality, and after a former male prostitute (for men) — Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger (R-CA) — vetoed marriage equality in CA, eyes in the movement turned east, looking at possible legislative victories.

New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and other states have seen the issue come up — and not in that “let’s ban it” way. Each state has its hurdles, with New York’s being the GOP-controlled State Senate. With that control held by just one seat, many in NY think this November will put the Senate within reach. And now a hypocrite has put that in jeopardy.

When Spitzer leaves (and I hope he does) his stupidity will require a second Senate victory to secure control of the body. From

If and when Paterson becomes governor, the New York State Constitution does not provide for a new lieutenant governor to be named. The post would remain vacant until the end of the term in 2010.

This would also prevent Paterson from being the tie-breaker in the Senate. Senate Democrats, who have long been expecting to take the majority in the Senate this year, would have to capture two seats to make this happen. Since Darrel Aubertine’s Feb. 26 special election win, with Paterson as the tie-breaker, Democrats had been counting on just needing one seat—and perhaps taking control before November by flipping a GOP senator to their conference [emphasis added].

Thanks, Eliot.

It’s pretty simple to me: He’s a hypocrite who has no place in government — especially as governor of the nation’s second largest state. I don’t know the legal status of this mess, but I can say without question that Eliot Spitzer is guilty of stupidity beyond a reasonable doubt.

To minimize the damage to Democrats, Spitzer should resign…now. How can one attack Vitter, Craig, Foley and the rest of the other side’s hypocrites, and give this guy a pass? It doesn’t make sense to me. Was he set up? I don’t know, but it sure seems like he wasn’t forced to do what he did.

If I ever feel sorry for guys like this, I think of how they drag their wives on TV for the press conference about the sex (see Vitter, David; Craig, Larry). It is just another example of using a woman as a prop, kind of like a prostitute in a way.

Sure it’s a shame when it’s a pro-gay Democrat steps into a mess like this, but the bottom line in this case, as usual, is not about sex…it’s about hypocrisy.

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