American Prospect covers Marygate

If you have a few minutes to read some great writing, head over to The American Prospect and read Garance Franke-Ruta’s item, Don’t Ask, Do Tell. It’s got some great stuff in it:

“There’s a double standard,” David Smith of the Human Rights Campaign told Salon in 2000. ‚ÄúLynne Cheney has no problem talking about her daughter who’s married and has children, and that’s not private, but Mary’s relationship is.”

Franke-Ruta also points out the difference in reaction over Alan Keyes comments and John Kerry’s debate answer….more pathetic double standards for a campaign in a desperate effort to secure victory. Shame on every gay man and lesbian that works for these people. Shame.

Even more fun than the original article, is the post on The American Prospect’s Blog site. Could it really be true that Marygate is just an insurance policy against more outings? Hmmmm. Interesting thought, to say the least. Here’s how the blog entry is ended:

One interesting theory I’ve heard is that some of this may be preemptive framing to soften the blow if certain members of the Bush administration or campaign find themselves outed in the weeks or months ahead. Mike Rogers has been very, very active with his outing campaign over the past few months, and who knows what he’s going to do next. All in all, a terrible year for gay Republicans, for every possible reason.

Of course, blogACTIVE readers know our work is bipartisan, just ask Vincent Gentile of the NY City Council. Nonetheless, I think she hit it right on the money when she said that it’s been a bad season for the Gay, er Grand Old Party.

On another GOP Note: I had always thought Lee Atwater died of a brain tumor…then last week one of his acquaintances showed me Lee’s panel in the AIDS Quilt. Hmmm..well at least the right wing is not flip flopping…they consistently live in denial over the lives of the men in their midst.

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