Poor Councilman Gentile…..Riding that, um, wave?

Quite a fun read here…From today’s New York Post‘s Page Six, the city’s most widely read gossip column:
October 21, 2004 — CITY Councilman Vincent Gentile can’t catch a break. Since he came out against same-sex marriage, the Brooklyn Democrat has been accused of sexually harassing a male staffer. Then, when he denied he was homosexual, a gay rights lawyer who once worked for him claimed they had a long-term affair. So on Monday night, at the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce gala at the Brooklyn Marriott, a sympathetic woman told him, “I stand behind you.” Gentile, explaining how he’d been caught up in events beyond his control, said, “I’m riding a wave.” A man standing nearby then addressed him: “Sir, from what I hear, that is not all you have been riding.” Gentile turned and walked out.

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