TAKE ACTION: Birds of a Feather Flock Together — Even in the Closet – Let your family and friends know

Just when I thought I had fully updated on the scene in New York, here comes an interesting item. In the photo above, we have not one, but two closet cases. That’s Golan Cipel, former lover of NJ Governor James McGreevey, on the left and former NYC Mayor Ed Koch on the right when they first met back in 1998. I sure wonder what was on the mind of the gay former mayor when he met Golan.

Here’s an intem from Cindy Adams the other day in the New York:

I want to smack that Golan Cipel creature who looked to bring down New Jersey Gov. McGreevey. Acquaintances send word, “Cipel is definitely not a trusting type.” Having fled to his home in Israel where there’s family, friends, an old boyfriend and a safe haven in his sexual life, he left the governor’s world in pieces. He’s a creep.

You’re right about that Cindy, he is a creep. As I said, and we can see above…birds of a feather closet together! (I’m no fan of James “gay beats corrupt” McGreevey, but that’s another story.)


This is the first time I’ve asked blogACTIVE readers to take action by writing your own friends and families in Florida. Closet case Ed Koch is campaigning for the anti-gay Bush Campaign in Florida folks…so take a moment and write a personal note to your family members and friends in South Florida to let them know the real truth about Ed Koch and his backstabbing ways. If you click here, you’ll get a window that will have the subject and blind copy to the blogACTIVE letter files already filled in. Happy writing.

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