So let me understand this….

…the guy who uses a prostitute and puts his wife at risk for contracting a sexually transmitted disease thinks we should discriminate against people with HIV?

Is David Vitter trying to go further to the right or what? First, he decides with his cheating friend Larry Craig to co-sponsor the Marriage Protection Amendment and now he is the sole Senator blocking the lifting of the HIV travel ban.

Think Progress on Vitter’s move for visitors to the United States. International LGBT gatherings create a sea of paperwork to be granted an exception for visitors. What a mess. Just a dozen countries world wide prohibit those with HIV from entering. They include Lybia, Sudan and Saudi Arabia.

Interestingly, the ban on travel for HIV+ people was codified into law and signed by President Bill Clinton. At the time, his Secretary of Health and Human Services was Donna Shalala, herself a closeted lesbian.

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