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TAKE ACTION: Still Hiding from his truth and still homophobic!


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On Tuesday I promised you two posts today. I said that one of the posts would be an old story reprinted with a new opportunity to take action. Here is that story…

“How come you haven’t mentioned McCrery?” a friend asked the other day.

That’s how I first came to hear about Congressman James McCrery of Louisiana. I learned how McCrery’s hypocrisy was exposed was a dozen years ago, when Chris Bull, writing for The Advocate, laid out one of the most thoroughly reported examples of how gay men live double lives in and out of the Capitol’s halls of power.


After reading this story, I decided to take a look at Congressman McCrery’s voting record. Here are some of the votes he’s cast over the past since The Advocate article: 

Marriage Protection Act…YES 

Defense of Marriage Act…YES

Prohibit same sex couples from adopting in DC…YES



McCrery has been no friend to the AIDS Community either… Not only did he vote to strip $21 Million from Housing programs for people with AIDS, he also voted to permanently prohibit any federal funds from being used on needle exchange programs, even though they save lives!

Mr. Bull has continued to write for many different publications and he is currently Senior Political Correspondent at, where he also pens his column, Bull’s Eye. His reporting is among the finest in the country on issues of concern to our community. I recommend his work.


A dozen years ago, as people read the article in The Advocate, they could write a letter to the editor or perhaps talk with friends about how pathetic these hypocrites are. That was then…this is now.

Please use the power of the web to click here and tell Jim McCrery what you feel about his past and how he leaves gay (or is it bisexual, Jim?) men like himself and the entire GLBT community behind when he denies his past an votes as he does. Your message will be sent to the entire staff of Rep. McCreary’s office and a host of newspapers in his home district (and a copy will be sent to blogACTIVE too).

Also…here’s a fun idea I thought of….hop on over to The Shreveport Times Forums in Louisiana and create a new post about McCrery…Let’s help educate our fellow citizens about this hypocrite!

If you’d like the entire article in PDF format, click here.

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