Getting to a fillibuster-proof majority…

I’ve talked with folks much more knowledgeable than myself about the possibility of election day results bringing us a filibuster-proof majority of Senators who support LGBT equality. Barring a story that turns a Senate race unexpectedly on its head, chances of it happening are pretty slim.

So, I’ve been working almost full-time to do just that.

After recently writing about my travel, I got a bunch of email with guesses about my destination, all of them wrong. I don’t let folks know where I am headed as it can start rumors, compromise sources, or put research in jeopardy.

While I was on the plane home from my last trip (I’m now in DC) I started to make a list of the places I’ve been for story research. Of course, posting the list of all of the cities and towns would raise eyebrows; could you imagine if I announced a few years ago that I was off to Boise, Idaho? The list started to get long, so at home, I looked back at the boarding passes I had collected and put them all together to see what they look like.

The boarding passes below are for my travel after the Larry Craig story was reported in 2006. The support of BlogActive readers helped to fund this work, but before this election, there is much more to be done. In some cases folks have been able to help by providing tickets and places to stay, in other cases though, the trips were so secret that I couldn’t turn to anyone for help. And even on trips with support, additional expenses away from home pile up quickly.

In the past, I’ve made sure to ask for support from readers only after the successful reporting of a hypocrite in the government. But, with more tips than ever, and a pro-gay filibuster proof majority at stake, I hope you can help out now by making a gift toward the expanded work now. (With PayPal it’s super easy… Just click here.)

As the media becomes more focused on the election, I have redoubled my own efforts and am working virtually full-time on cases and efforts to close other cases. With your help, the momentum will continue.

I hope that after you scroll the image below that you will help out with the work. It seems that I’ve been on the road more than I have been at home, and with your help, I’ll be able to keep on researching and reporting on these hypocrites.

Traveling for work like this is nothing like a vacation… If you’ve never had a job with travel, you are going to have to trust me on that. (I’ll admit that I did see this one really neat museum in — oh, wait, if I tell you that, you’d know where I visited.)

As always, THANK YOU so much for your help and support. When others have asked me to jump through hoops only to see promised support vanish, it’s readers that are the loyal supporters of this work.


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