Jesse Helms Grandaughter, Judge Jennifer Helms Knox

Original Title: TAKE ACTION: blogACTIVE Awards first Dick & Mary Cheney Award to Jesse Helms and Jennifer Helms Knox!

If Dick Cheney is willing to sell his own daughter down the river for power, is it any wonder that Jennifer Helms Knox is willing to cover up who she is while running as the GOP candidate in North Carolina? 

Earlier today blogACTIVE and RawStory reported on the granddaughter of Jesse Helms. While Jennifer is out to her family (except Jesse, of course) and friends, she continues to avoid all questions relating from the press.

Jennifer Helms Knox refuses to discuss the platform of her party!

Jennifer Helms Knox refuses to discuss her leadership role in managing racist and homophobic campaigns for Senator Jesse Helms!

Jennifer Helms Knox refuses to stand up to her own party when then mail flyers filled with hate and homophobia!


Let the people of North Carolina and the country know that you are sick and tired of this hypocrisy.

Just click here to open an email to the press and others in the Raleigh area who need to know about this unacceptable double standard. Tell them how you feel about the North Carolina Republican Party Platform and how you feel about the mailing of homophobic ads against Julia Boseman. Copies of your letters will be sent to key GOP and Bush Campaign officials, media in the Raleigh area and Jennifer Helms Knox’s campaign.


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