Victory? You betcha!

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From the moment I heard about the Rick Warren controversy, I knew he would never be pulled off the program. That being said, when planning a community action or reaction, the two most important components are to personify the opponent and to have a clear path to victory.

The personification part is easy in this case. Warren. Case closed. (For our purposes is he is a a far greater choice than directing the attention to Obama.)

The victory part is a bit more complicated, yet just as important. Is victory defined as getting Warren off the program? If that is the case, then why enter a battle that cannot be won? If we are smart, we won’t. Instead, let’s look at what we have accomplished with this story so far and highlight the victories. And, yes, there are victories:

  • The very fact that we are having this discussion elevates LGBT issues to the national stage. TV’s, Radio, newspaper, all highlighting issues of importance to our community. That is a victory.
  • Saddleback did change their site. I am NOT praising Saddleback; I am recognizing that our voices caused them to change. That is a victory.
  • In less than 24 hours, our community took an issue and put it in living rooms and on kitchen tables across America. That is a victory.

Remember, it’s not about swaying our hard-lined opponents, it’s about talking to those in the middle. That is done with composure and, more importantly, respect. Notice how I never attack the religious beliefs or church membership policies (those are no win arguments on TV). Instead I talk about his divisive political activity. I think I caught my debate opponent a bit off guard.

Like a Victory Garden, the results we seek require a start with small seedlings planted and tended in the soil. Each small victory like the ones above creates a bounty of voices for change. Voices that over time cannot be ignored.

As always, I appreciate your feedback and suggestions in the comments.

(H/T: David Edwards of Raw Replay for the video!)

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