To out, or not to out

In every case I report, I speak to a lot of folks. No matter how obvious (Ed Schrock, Larry Craig) or not-so-obvious. When people I speak with divide down the middle I take a long look at the case and ask myself a number of questions.

The most important one is: “Is this politician on a journey or is this a case where a slight shift may mean the beginning of a sea change in the person’s politics?”

Please share your thoughts with me. I’ve created a little form. Of course, putting stuff in the comments as well is great.

The case is pretty simple. A politician is a closeted gay guy and he (like ever politician, except Barack Obama these days) aspire to a higher office. In that quest, like the new Senator from New York Kirsten Gillibrand, politicians start to shift to the politics of their constituents. Is this a good thing? I think so. Does it mean that the past gets a free ride?

Here’s a form that will help to collect some thoughts from BlogActive readers:

I’ve called out others for outing people before they really shouldn’t have. In this case, I’d like your advice as to what you think I should do.


Trouble reading the form above? Here’s a link to the original.

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