NPR covers Outrage

From Fresh Air with Terry Gross on NPR:

In his new film Outrage, Academy Award-nominated director Kirby Dick (This Film Is Not Yet Rated) turns his camera on some of the nation’s most powerful policymakers — politicians, in both legislatures and executive suites, who live what some say are closeted gay lives while chalking up what activists describe as deplorably anti-gay voting records.

You can hear the interview with Kirby here. It includes some audio clips from the movie, including one in which I talk about my work. Dan Gurley is also interviewed. Dan is a former bigwig with the RNC who was tossed by homophobic party leaders when I reported on his hyprocrisy. He now works for North Carolina’s statewide LGBT rights organization.

NPR interviews Kirby Dick: In The Political Closet, Dark Shadows
NPR interviews Dan Gurley: From RNC Staffer to LGBT Activist

I LOVE the Gurley story headline… It’s what this site is all about.

There are some audio clips of me from the film in the interview.

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