The New York Times names names in Outrage review!

Secret Lives in the Age of Gay Rights:

Much of “Outrage” consists of interviews with journalists and activists who reflect on that history, including Andrew Sullivan, the blogger and author; Representative Barney Frank, the Massachusetts Democrat; and Larry Kramer, the novelist and playwright who was a founder of Act Up. Their reflections are interwoven with allegations about the sex lives of several well-known current political figures, including Gov. Charlie Crist of Florida, Representative David Dreier of California and Larry E. Craig, the former Idaho senator whose arrest on a charge of soliciting sex in a Minnesota airport bathroom provides Mr. Dick with his most complete case study.

(In a somewhat manipulative passage he juxtaposes Mr. Craig’s denials of homosexuality with reflections by James E. McGreevey, the former New Jersey governor, on the psychic and spiritual costs of such denial. Mr. McGreevey is talking about himself, but the editing makes it seem as if he also has Mr. Craig in mind.)

The central claim of “Outrage” — advanced most ardently by Michael Rogers, a blogger who sees it as his mission to name names and reveal secrets — is that politicians who vote against gay interests while surreptitiously pursuing gay sex deserve exposure. There was a time when this position seemed much more radical than it does now, and I suspect that “Outrage” might create less of a furor than it would have a few years ago.

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