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It’s been quite a busy week. The movie Outrage opened. Much of it is based on the work of this blog. It explores the political closet and my work in exposing the hypocrites who vote against us and secretly engage in same-sex encounters. In related news, during an on-air interview about the film a news anchor told me, and the viewing audience, that he’d like to take me outside and “punch [me] across the face.” It made AOL’s front page, here’s a link.

I’ve gotten requests to put up a basic information page and I’ll post that tonight. Below I have put some linksof the casess referenced in the film. The most popular email? Where can I hear the original Ed Schrock tapes? Here they are!

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My original post outing Larry Craig is here, Ed Schrock here, and Dan Gurley here.

Here are the tapes of Schrock (Adults only, please). If your work situation is such that playing sexually explicit tapes of closeted a US Congressmen looking for sex on phone sex lines is a problem, you’ll want to pass on these.

“I am a married guy…”

“I am a married white guy, looking for only white guys…:

Not had enough? Here are 5 more!

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