Will it ever end?

I had an argument with Steve Schmidt once. He was handling communications for the 2004 Republican Convention and I was a new blogger. It was about Ed Schrock, who had been outed during the conventoon and I asked a few questions about Ken Mehlman, too.

In less than five years Schmidt he went from being anti-gay to supporting marriage equality and his views are being echoed by Meghan McCain. Apparently, most of the right wing still don’t get it, so now they will try to divide America over the issue of same-sex equality via President Obama’s pick for the Supreme Court.

It’s EXACTLY for this reason that in 2004 I started this blog. Once again there will be closeted anti-gay politicians lining up to bash the gays. If you know of any, be sure to use the tips email.

Conservatives Plan to Question Obama’s Supreme Court Pick on Gay Marriage:

As President Obama prepares to name his first Supreme Court justice, conservatives in Washington are making clear that his nominee will face plenty of questions during the confirmation process on the legal underpinnings of same-sex marriage.

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