S.F. Chronicle Covers Outings

This morning’s San Fancisco Chronicle has a page one story about the work of blogACTIVE.com. Here are some excerpts:

Particularly in the Bay Area, supporters argue that outing is a reasonable tactic because it can be effective but doesn’t necessarily end careers and lives, as it used to. The practice is unstoppable anyway, they said, because the Internet and the country’s culture of disclosure has turned privacy into a quaint anachronism.

* * *

“If someone was African American and passing as white, what would be so shocking about saying, ‘Excuse me, you’re black and you’re supporting George Wallace?’ ” [activist Robin] Tyler said. “I think outing is terrific — especially of prominent politicians. What are we protecting? Their right to discriminate?”

* * *

Rogers said he sticks to outing people whom he believes are hurting gays and lesbians, although he tends to interpret “hurting” somewhat more loosely than some peers. Rogers received some angry e-mails after outing a Republican who had never cast a vote against gay rights. Rogers said she was outing- worthy because she campaigned for a politician with an anti-gay record and accepted his help during her own campaign for a judgeship.

The Judge, of course, is Jennifer Helms Knox, the women who ran on the rabidly anti gay platform after running her homophobic grandfather’s (Jesse Helms) campaigns for US Senate.

For the entire story, click here.

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