Dan Gurley, RNC Political Director

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Original Title: RNC Senior Staffer Seeks Others for Unsafe Sex! (Updated)


Dan Gurley

RNC National Field Director & Deputy Political Director


Apparently, some of the staff over at the Republican National Committee are not clear about President Bush’s abstinence before marriage program, or at least that’s what I discovered tonight over at www.gay.com. I was chatting over the Washington, DC chat room when I realized that Dan Gurley, the National Field Director of the RNC was in the same chat room I was in.

On November 5th — just days after the election — the Christian Science Monitor reported that:

Coming off an election in which many voters cited “morals” as a top concern, Bush may use that mandate to promote responsible fatherhood, abstinence-only sex education, and “healthy marriages” in the reauthorization of welfare reform.

Bush made campaign pledges to triple federal funds for abstinence programs in schools and community-based programs. (emphasis added)


blogACTIVE readers may recall my story of September 27th when I exposed the number two political operative of the RNC as a gay man. Here, in the midst of one of his party’s most homophobic campaigns, Dan Gurley was serving at the National Field Director of it all.

And now, in a slap in the face of the moral values wing of the party, this evening I discovered Mr. Gurley seeking unsafe sex with multiple partners, outside of his relationship. Apparently, the new rules of abstinence before marriage don’t apply to senior staff of the Republican Party. These people are PATHETIC!

When I was researching the original story on Dan Gurley I read a post about his RNC appointment which included his AOL emails (and thus instant messenger name). Because I wanted to give Mr. Gurley a chance to respond to my story, I added his AOL name, DGCapitol, to my AOL instant messenger list. Imagine my surprise when earlier tonight I saw someone with the same screenname in the gay.com chatroom!

For those of you unfamiliar with the abbreviations in the Chat Bio Line, above, this profile explains that the person lives on Capitol Hill, has pictures and his stats listed in his online profile (you can see the entire profile here.) Dan is looking to host others at his home. “bb” is the abbreviation for “barebacking” which is the term used by gay men who wish to engage in anal intercourse without a condom. R/t means “real time,” or that the person is looking to meet in person. The line ends with the request to only send a private message if you have a picture to share.

UPDATE: Folks have asked me, “what is that graphic I am looking at?” When a user enters the gay.com chat room, a list of users is displayed. when you highlight one of the names, in this case, DGCapitol, the small picture appears along with a one line description which in this case is exaplained above.

Here are some other entries from Dan’s profile:

Relationship status: an open relationship – Is this the family values bullshit that Mr. Gurley shoved down the nation’s throat as NATIONAL FIELD DIRECTOR during the recent election campaign?

Politics: Lean right – Um, Dan, in case you did not notice, “way right” was also a choice here. Don’t you think that it’s more applicable to you and your day job?

Dan has this selection of photos on line:

Here’s some of what visitors to gay.com see in Dan’s “Adult” profile:

Now, for a quick peek under the cover…

Endowment/Dimensions: Above average, 8+ cut (not an internet 8, either)

I prefer to be: Switch/Versatile, I’ll be whatever you want me to be!

I like to have sex…: 3-5 times a week, I’m usually ready…and available

Body Hair: Arms, Chest, Pits, Tummy, Legs, I shave occasionally, all over

In my own words: Just looking for good sex, whether with one or several. Always versatile and love to fool around. Race is not a factor, just be purportional [sic] and bring some personality with you.

Things I’m into: Anal sex, Body contact, Groups, Kissing, One-on-one, Oral sex, Porn

With all of these right wingers in DC running around looking for bareback sex with multiple partners, you think they would start some kind of club: Paging Andrew Sullivan…Andrew Sullivan, please call the RNC Political Office.

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