Busy week…It’s Cat Blogging Day…and the next item…

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It’s been a busy week at my site, interrupted by the Gurley story. It is still hard to believe that he has no regrets about his work for the homophobes at the RNC…but more on that a little later. My article on Mehlman has grown to include his law school friend Chris Crain and others who have had their work funded by such right wing nutjobs as Scaife and the far rightleaning Federalist Society.

The piece will be up early in the week. Some new action items will be posted also.

It’s Friday…so here’s a couple of shots of everyone’s favorite — well, ok, my favorite — take action kitty, Abby the Action Cat.

Abby gets her pre photo shoot massage from a visiting neighbor. (left)

At night Abby sends faxes as part of blogACTIVE’s education campaigns. (right)

Also, I am working on a slight redesign of the site..if you have any suggestions, please feel free to let me know in the comments section or email me at editor@blogactive.com.

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