TAKE ACTION: Is he or isn’t he? What the Washington Blade has NOT told you.

RNC chairman designate Ken Mehlman (left)

BlogACTIVE.com has confirmed with three sources at the Washington Blade/Window Media organization that editor Chris Crain had spoken to a number of sources who knew RNC chair designate Ken Mehlman was gay. Subsequently, Crain refused to approve an article which would have outed his law school colleague.

Like many articles in Washington, DC newspapers, it is what does not make it into print that is oftentimes the most interesting part of the story. Crain’s recent item about Ken Mehlman in the Washington Blade is no different. At first, I was happy to see the piece there, but as I read it I realized it was yet another case of Washington’s press leaving out some of the most important parts.

Why this was withheld from Blade readers is unknown to me – from here it appears that Crain might be protecting his law school colleague. Taking a look at the recent article by Crain, one can see how carefully his words have been parsed to understand what is going on. Crain wrote:

The announcement raises mixed emotions for me. I have known Ken since we were both law students and he worked for me at the Harvard Journal of Law & Public Policy (HJLPP)…

I have no personal knowledge about his sexual orientation, but whether or not he is gay, he has ridden to success on the coattails of a candidate who betrayed the core principles that we both stood for as young political activists. (emphasis added)

Notice, blogACTIVE readers, how carefully goes out of his way to inform that he has no “personal” knowledge of Mr. Mehlman’s sexual orientation. Does this mean that Chris Crain has other than “personal” knowledge? Is Crain protecting sources who have told him that they have had sex with Mehlman? With Crain’s work in the past — more about that in the take action item later in the week — it would not surprise me if Crain was going to great lengths to protect his colleague from HJLPP. (I’ll be updating blogACTIVE.com readers about that journal. It’s not exactly a bastion of gay rights, if you know what I mean.)

Blade Editor refuses inquiry

After, looking at the story in its entirety and speaking to my sources at the Blade, it appears that although Crain has knowledge of Mehlman’s sexual orientation, he refuses to print it. Despite our supposed mutual interest in this matter, Mr. Crain has refused repeated requests to speak with blogACTIVE and recently engaged in an email exchange that was an attempt to steer me off of the fact that Crain and Mehlman went to law school together.

Another source, an attorney in New York City, who I met personally, has alleged that Mehlman approached him on two occasions a number of years ago in Washington, DC, once at JR’s, a popular gay bar. The attorney was in DC in an Arabic language immersion program, has provided blogACTIVE.com with a number of records, some going back to 1988, that have me believing his story. Additionally, I have spoken to two acquaintances of the attorney who have vouched for his character.

Attempts to reach Mehlman go Unanswered

While there’s no “smoking gun” with Mehlman, what makes this story most interesting is that despite repeated attempts to speak with Mr. Mehlman, his spokesperson refuses to state, on the record, that Mehlman is straight. Believable? You be the judge. The last man who refused to answer the question “Are you heterosexual?” was none other than gay congressman David Dreier.

I have made approximately half a dozen phone calls to Mr. Mehlman in an effort to discuss these allegations of his being gay at the same time that he sells the gay community down the river. Despite numerous messages, Mr. Mehlman has refused to speak with blogACTIVE.com. A message left for him on his direct personal email, inviting him to speak with me on or off the record, went unanswered. On one occasion when I reached Mehlman directly in his office he refused to answer my questions and promptly hung up the phone on me.


Click on the GOP in your state and tell them how you feel about having gay men, Dan Gurley, head up the field operation. (Gurley, while running RNC Field operations, was on line pursuing some activities not exactly supported by the platform of the Republican Party.)

Ask if it’s consistent with their “Family Values” agenda to have a gay man, Jay Banning, in the position of Chief Financial Officer and Administrative Director.

Ask why Ken Mehlman, the man chosen to lead them, refuses to answer whether or not he is straight.

Ask how much chance the Federal Marriage Amendment has of passing with a gay man, David Dreier, as head of the House Rules Committee.

Clearly the activities are Gurley, Banning, Dreier and Mehlman are inconsistent with those pursuing a Family Values agenda. Speak out now.

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