Randi Rhodes on Ken Mehlman and the GOP Leadership

Randi Rhodes (left) and, appropriately, Ken Mehlman (right)

I’ve got the transcript (click here to listen to the audio) from the Randi Rhodes show the other day. It was exciting to hear Randi talk about the hypocrites over at the Republican National Committee. Randy had this to say about Ken Mehlman, chair designate of the committee.

Randi Rhodes: …fine, this is a huge country with a lotta different thoughts and a lotta different ways to worship and a lotta different ways to not worship that’s who we are it’s what – we’re a big tent and apparently it’s gonna be fabulously decorated ‘cause Ken Mehlman is head of the Republican National Committee (whisper) And he’s gay.

So, ya know … they send out these bigoted, horrifying pamphlets: “Democrats want to do away with the bible.” And then their own Supreme Court doesn’t want to hear the case. Then they send out more horrifying things. About gays… Anti… Homophobic… horrible gay bashing stuff — turns out the guys that were sending them: Gay!

Music: It’s raining men, Hallelujah!

Randi Rhodes: Gay!

Wow, what will Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson think of this leadership style in the party? Is this reflective of their moral values? Click here to write a note to Jerry and Pat about this important issue facing the Republican Party show your concern about gay men like Dan Gurley, Jay Banning and David Dreier calling the shots.

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