TAKE ACTION: The “Gayest Office on Capitol Hill”

Well, as you can see from the post below, the radical right forces are not happy with the huge numbers of sodomites in their midst. The Agape Press service, part of the Donald Wildmon’s American Family Association ran this item yesterday:


blogACTIVE readers are probably as concerned as I am about known homosexuals participating in the right wing political groups in the nation. Let’s stand up and make sure that people are aware of this outrage. This is a two step action:

1. Click here to open an email to leaders of the radical right. Your e-mail will be addressed to leaders of the American Family Association, Traditional Values Coalition, Family Policy Network, Concerned Women for America and the Christian Coalition. Let these leaders know about what you’ve read about David Dreier, Dan Gurley, Jay Banning and Ken Mehlman.

Suggest that these leaders make sure that their values are represented in the leadership of the Party.

2. Write to local GOP leaders in your state and other states and let them know about the huge numbers of gay men in places like the Office of George Allen (The “gayest office on Capitol Hill”) and about David Dreier. Also, be sure to tell them about what you’ve learned about Dan Gurley, Jay Banning and Ken Mehlman over at the RNC.

After reading the article on AgapePress, it’s become clear that we need to help educate folks in the party where the press will not.

Here’s a convenient link to each GOP state office and email. Tell them how you feel about having gay men, Dan Gurley, head up the field operation. (Gurley, while running RNC Field operations, was on line pursuing some activities not exactly supported by the platform of the Republican Party.)

Ask if it’s consistent with their “Family Values” agenda to have a gay man, Jay Banning, in the position of Chief Financial Officer and Administrative Director.

Ask why Ken Mehlman, the man chosen to lead them, refuses to answer whether or not he is straight.

Ask how much chance the Federal Marriage Amendment has of passing with a gay man, David Dreier, as head of the House Rules Committee.

Alabama: 205-978-2500, e-mail, web

Alaska: 907-276-4467, e-mail, web

Arizona: 602-957-7770, e-mail, web

Arkansas: 501-372-7301, e-mail, web

California: 818-841-5210, e-mail, web

Colorado: 303-758-3333, e-mail, web

Connecticut: 860-547-0589, e-mail, web

DC: 202-289-8005, e-mail, web

Delaware: 302-651-0260, e-mail, web

Florida: 850-222-7920, e-mail, web

Georgia: 404-257-5559, e-mail, web

Hawaii: 808-593-8180, e-mail, web

Idaho: 208-343-6405, e-mail, web

Illinois: 312-201-9000, e-mail, web

Indiana: 317-635-7561, e-mail, web

Iowa: 515-282-8105, e-mail, web

Kansas: 785-234-3456, e-mail, web

Kentucky: 502-875-5130, e-mail, web

Louisiana: 225-928-2998, e-mail, web

Maine: 207-622-6247, e-mail, web

Maryland: 410-269-0113, e-mail, web

Massachusetts: 617-523-5005, e-mail, web

Michigan: 517-487-5413, e-mail, web

Minnesota: 651-222-0022, e-mail, web

Mississippi: 601/-948-5191, e-mail, web

Missouri: 573-636-3146, e-mail, web

Montana: 406-442-6469, e-mail, web

Nebraska: 402-475-2122, e-mail, web

Nevada: 702-258-9182, e-mail, web

NewHampshire: 603-225-9341, e-mail, web

NewJersey: 609-989-7300, e-mail, web

NewMexico: 505-298-3662, e-mail, web

NewYork: 518-462-2601, e-mail, web

NorthCarolina: 919-828-6423, e-mail, web

NorthDakota: 701-255-0030, e-mail, web

Ohio: 614-228-2481, e-mail, web

Oklahoma: 405-528-3501, e-mail, web

Oregon: 503-587-9233, e-mail, web

Pennsylvania: 717-234-4901, e-mail, web

RhodeIsland: 401-732-8282, e-mail, web

SouthCarolina: 803-988-8444, e-mail, web

SouthDakota: 605-224-7347, e-mail, web

Tennessee: 615-329-9595, e-mail, web

Texas: 512-477-9821, e-mail, web

Utah: 801-533-9777, e-mail, web

Vermont: 802-223-3411, e-mail, web

Virginia: 804-780-0111, e-mail, web

Washington: 206-575-2900, e-mail, web

WestVirginia: 304-768-0493, e-mail, web

Wisconsin: 608-257-4765, e-mail, web

Wyoming: 307-234-9166, e-mail, web

blogACTIVE Regular readers: If you’d like a list email addresses of Republican Party Volunteers in your state drop a note to: alicek@blogactive.com and include a short note with a little about yourself and what you’d like to tell your state’s representatives to the party and we’ll send back your custom state action list. (list size varies by state)

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