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Rep. Schrock poses with statue of

Saddam Hussein. Quite butch, eh?

I’ve always said that those who claim people will lose their jobs or kill themselves over this website were exaggerating. In every case, I invite such preachers of despair to show me one such case in the modern era. I’m still waiting for their replies. Here’s another example of how even the GOP is ignoring the right wing homophobes.

Look at the case of Congressman Ed Schrock. Exposed by blogACTIVE in August for being both anti-gay and leading a secret gay lifestyle. Schrock will, according to the Richmond Times Dispatch:

…return to work for Congress as a staff member – in a reversal of a much more common pattern.

A spokesman for Rep. Thomas M. Davis III, R-11th [VA] , said Schrock will become a subcommittee staff director on Davis’ House Government Reform Committee, beginning in the Congress that starts in January.

I am happy to see that the House’s leadership has becoming so accepting. Now that Schrock has been hired by the Committee on Government Reform, it will be interesting to see if the same leadership allows gay Rep. David Drier to hold the chairmanship of the Rules Committee. With a newly charged radical right wing pushing hard for an amendment to the Constitution banning gay marriage, I wonder if they will accept a gay man like Dreier to head the very committee that manages amendments to the Constitution….and you thought the last session of Congress was interesting?


Readers, please take action and click here to thank the senior staffers of the House Committee on Government Reform for being so welcoming of Ed Schrock to his new job. I know I will be sure to write and tell them how excited I am that they are so open to hiring a gay man like Ed. Be sure to copy this text and links to the stories about Ed here:

Schrock Ignores Past Sexual Liaisons With Men, Casts Vote for Federal Marriage Amendment


You can hear all seven recordings of Rep. Schrock on the gay dating line



You can hear the first posted audio file of Rep. Schrock on the gay dating line

Your email allows you to take DIRECT ACTION from your computer. Let the people that use homophobia to maintain power that you think it’s great that the party is not backing down to the anti gay messages of Lou Sheldon, Pat Robertson and other leaders of the radical right.

Your email will be sent to key committee staffers of the House Committee on Government Reform and key leaders of the radical right. As always, using the links above will also send a copy to lettercopy@blogactive.com. (If you prefer that blogACTIVE not receive a copy of your note, please delete our lettercopy@blogactive.com address from the bcc field.)

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