Enough of the silly plausible denial…

click above to read my letter to

Congressman Ed Schrock (R-VA).

Retiring Congressman Ed Schrock (R-VA) has received a warm welcome to his new post on the staff of Rep. Tom Davis (R-VA). BlogACTIVE.com readers have sent a ton of congratulations emails to Schrock’s new co-workers about their openmindedness.

Others however, are not convinced. I’ve actually received notes trying to convince me that the audio files posted at blogACTIVE.com (you can listen to them here) of Schrock were not real. Click here or on the picture above to see my letter to Congressman Schrock. It should end, once and for all, any lingering doubt. You may read an article on the Virginia News Source website about my request for Schrock’s voice analysis. You may remember Virginia News Source as one of the key players in promoting the original posting of the Schrock story.

Congressman, your move.

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