What’s on the way.

Here’s a note from Mark Foley’s site in his handwriting.
You need more proof, you say?
Source: www.house.gov/foley


The post with all of the information on Rep. Mark Foley (R-FL) is delayed for a number of reasons. I want to use this opportunity to let you know the updated schedule as it’s a little different than other cases here, basically because it’s just not a secret here in DC that Mark Foley is gay.

Yes, I admit that I put up the initial post about Foley a little too quickly…oh well. I was sitting here in SHOCK that a gay man would vote for a law that allowed a group to fire a man or woman who was gay, EVEN IF LOCAL LAWS PROHIBITED IT! So in my moment of anger, I posted the item on Foely. You see, Mark Foley’s homosexuality not exactly like Ed Schrock or even David Drier. It’s not like it’s an open secret in DC, it’s not a secret at all.

Once I put up my original post, some additional information came in, some of it from a very well known source in the gay community who agreed to speak with me on the record and be identified by name. I am in the process of rewriting the information and will be verifying it and getting it up soon.

Now, this would all be much simpler, if this was my full time job. For those of you who are eager to get the information so you can participate in what will be one of our more creative actions to date…I appreciate your patience. For those of you who just can’t bear to wait another minute, I ask you to think of yourself as an important cog in the ‘psy ops’ machine…after all., it’s House.gov servers that are, by far, the most frequent visitors to the site. If you think the waiting is driving you crazy, imagine what it’s doing to visitors from these sites:

Howdy Visitors…from our house to your House, welcome!

I’ve got some exciting meetings over the next two days about some of the cases in the blogACTIVE.com files and in my spare time, I’m updating RawStoryQ. As soon as there are 40 hours in the day…I promise the stuff will come faster.

If you would like to put a historical perspective on the very gay Rep. Foley, take a look at this article here, and here, and this one too, and here too! Lord, is there ANYONE left who doesn’t know that Mark Foley is gay?

Anyway…. It’s another late night….more on Foley soon….and the others that we’re learning about.

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