In the spirit of bipartisanship….a peek at my mailbox

Stories that have made it into the blog, and the many
other tips and leads that never turn into a story.

There is a huge misconception about the work of Publications as diverse as the Washington Blade (one of DC’s two free weekly publications for the gay and lesbian community) and GQ Magazine have all described my work as focused on the GOP. Not true.

My reporting focuses on those who are in positions of power who are hypocrites in the area of gay and lesbian rights. Yes, it’s true there seem to be many more Republicans who fit the definition. But that says more about the Republican Party than it does about this blog. I certainly met a slew of hypocritical Republicans at the Internet and Politics conference. Many of them admitted to me that the only reason they did direct mail and raised money around gay marriage was because they knew it worked — this despite it being in complete disagreement with their own beliefs.

(In the interest of full disclosure…At one of the parties tied to the conference, I did meet one Democrat who was vehemently opposed to my work. As soon as I learned she worked communications for the Kerry campaign, I was able to taker her criticism a lot less seriously…I mean, these were the people that hired repeat failure Bob Shrum to call the shots….Enough said!)

For those who need a reminder about the bipartisan nature of this blog, please read the story of NY City Council Member Vincent Gentile (D-Brooklyn).

More interesting than the Gentile case is the telephone call I had with a Republican member of a state legislature the other day. The call, which lasted over an hour, was one of the most fascinating since I’ve begun this work. As the legislator and I talked it became more and more clear the me that this individual was one of the many examples of a gay member of the GOP who should not be reported on.

The individual I was speaking with goes to gay bars, knows a lot of gay people, and — after thirty minutes chat with me – told me he was gay, despite his evasiveness earlier in the call. This individual is certainly not what anyone would describe as “out.” This politician’s colleagues are not aware of the private life and not every vote this legislator has taken has been in the best interest of the gay and lesbian community.

Like every other story, I review the totality of the matter and decide with my advisors if the story is worth reporting. In this case, like so many others, the file is closed and a no story is written. Why? Because does not report on every closeted politician from one party or the other.

As with other journalistic endeavors, reporters decide what to and what not to write about. Why, I, wonder, do so many not realize how many cases I don’t report on?

I’m sure there are a few answers. Some prefer to paint broad brush strokes rather than look at the fine details of my work. For others, perhaps I should do a better job of reporting on the cases that don’t get “reported” on. But the bottom line is this, for every person reported on this blog, there are hundreds of others who are not.

Frankly, there are many good arguments against this blog, but accusing me of reporting on everyone without regard to any of the circumstances is just flat out wrong. I have passed on many, many cases. Just ask the hundreds and hundreds of tipsters who have written to me. Despite corroborating evidence, the vast majority of tips never become stories.

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