The List

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Welcome to “The List.” It’s what most people come to BlogActive for, a listing of closeted, anti-gay politicians and high level political staff. The phrase “The List” comes from a blog post by David Corn, who, at the time, was the Washington Editor of The Nation. Corn wrote about the list, then two years old, on his site (an archive snip is here).

After two years of looking for this so called “List,” I obtained a copy. I laughed when it was handed to me.The so-called secret “List” was the same as the graphic you see below. Back then it was the left sidebar of BlogActive 1.0.

The List, as it’s now informally referred to, is in a constant state of evolution. As long as there are closeted anti-gay politicians, I’ll keep it updated.

To see The List, Use the menu above “The List.”

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