Mel Martinez and his dirty tricks history

My oh my – I watched this whole Terri Schiavo memo business from a distance and suspected it came from someone like Senator Mel Martinez (R-FL). After John Byrne at RAWSTORY ran an article detailing the evidence, I had to laugh to myself. Would a US Senator who simultaneously employed an out gay man while also running one of the nation’s most homophobic campaigns stoop to hiring staffers like Brian Darling in their Senate offices? Absolutely. If there is one thing these bunch of fools running the show have proven it is that they are so damned predictable.

In a time where the citizens are actually supposed to believe that Tom Delay is among the best and brightest our political system has to offer, is it any shock that Mel Martinez is calling the political shots so quickly in the Senate? Folks, this is the same guy who had a major newspaper withdraw it’s endorsement over homophobia and gay bashing!

And let’s not forget, that Mel Martinez, while employing a gay man as Finance Director of his campaign also equated living in a country with gay and lesbian marriage equality as living under Fidel Castro’s rule in Cuba.

All of this reminds me of a letter I wrote last year to Mel’s then-campaign finance director, Kirk Fordham. Kirk is an out gay man who, for one reason or another, decided to cast his political fortunes with some of the nation’s most well known homophobes. His resume reads like a Who’s Who in American Hate with such entries as Senator James Inhofe (R-OK) and Martinez. Before the right wing extremists took control of their party, men like Representative Mark Foley (R-FL) and Kirk Fordham claimed they were working from within the system to improve it. Of course, we know those days are over. One need not look any further than Foley’s recent vote to strip gay and lesbian job protections enacted by localities to realize just how kept in his place he is. My cat Abby has more balls than Mark Foley, see:

Some of the very same people who supported Mel Martinez’s run for the Senate were filled with glee when Mark Foley’s run for the same seat was derailed. In the backrooms (hmmmm) of the GOP there was no way it would be tolerated to let a gay man represent Florida in the US Senate. (There must be two Floridas: Jeb Bush’s version and then the state that is home to Key West, South Beach and the biggest cast closet of queens on the planet, Walt Disney World.

So, what we have is a right wing Congress out of control with inexperienced freshmen like Mel Martinez whipping his house servants like Mark Foley into submission on a regular basis all courtesy of political scum like Brian Darling and gay men like Kirk Fordham who would sell their partners down the river for personal gain. As Linda Ellerbee used to say at the end of her groundbreaking overnight newscasts, “And so it goes…”

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