ATTENTION: Family Research Council…

….Hey assholes. When will you learn that it’s not a choice? Do we need to send closet case Lee LaHaye, son of Benverly and Tim AND the Chief Financial Officer of the Concerned Women for America, to spell it out for you?

If Lee doesn’t work…How about Phyllis Schlafley’s son….Not only does he work for her hate filled organization, but he’s a leather queen with a penchant for sadomasochsim leather scenes. Nothing wrong with that, of course…unless you happen to work for your mommy as the lawyer for the Eagle Forum, right, John.

Johnny…you’re a baaad boy….what is daddy going to do to you next time you’re all dolled up in leather?

And as for you, FRC, Leave kids like the one in this ad alone. Stop abusing children in your advertisements!!! Isn’t having the Boy Scouts of America program department run by a person who collects child pornography enough!


Coming soon: My letter of application to the FRC.


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  1. jeff March 24, 2011 at 6:36 pm · Reply

    pleeeeeese. I want to see a picture of him in leather. It would rock the GOP

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