You can’t call it MARYland and treat gays like this!

The phones have been ringing about the situation in Maryland. As we know, the governor, with the stroke of a pen decided that gays should not have a way to tell the state “this is who I want to visit me in the hospital.”

This, readers is a nation out of control.

This readers is absolutists who have gone beserk with power. How dare these people tell anyone who should be able to visit them in their greatest moments of need! This has to stop. NOW!

I’ve set up a special box for info: MARYLAND (at) Please send me EVERY tip of every anti gay Marylander in high government you can find.

— I want to know who ran on “family values” and then cheats on their wives (and husbands) when they are in session in Annapolis,
— I want to know who works for the governor in high positions and then goes to gay bars to seek one night stands with the very men they would sell down the political river,
— I want to know, in Maryland, who is with us in the battle to save our rights or who is not.

These men, and yes, they’re overwhelmingly men, need to be reported on and as long as this site is here, THEY WILL BE REPORTED ON.

As always, I will investigate your leads with the same 100% absolute certainty that I have done in EVERY OTHER CASE. I will NOT sacrifice a source’s privacy to achieve a political gain and I will KEEP the confidentiality of every source I have forever. When writing, please check your email for a reply or include alternate contact info or methods.

It may take a while…but we are going to win this battle…I promise you that…we are on the right side of history!

So…if you have a story….if you know of other traitors to our community like gov. Bob Ehrlich’s Chief of Staff Steve Kreseski, send the information to me today. We can take back Maryland from these fundamentalists by expositing them for what they really are.

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