Chip DiPaula, aide to MD Gov. Bob Erlich

Original Title: Some good news, Some bad news:

Gay man, Steve Kreseski, who is governor Mark Erlich’s Chief of Staff in Maryland, has announced that he is resigning to become a lobbyist. As usual, the Washington Post makes no mention of the campaign to pressure Kreseski to resign and no mention of the fact that the community was outraged that the governor would veto a bill that basically would have allowed gay and lesbian people to visit their partners in the hospital.

I had a fun little back and forth with one of the governor’s press secretaries. While she was short on the details of Steve’s departure, she had apparently been well briefed to make sure that there was zero connection made between Steve’s quitting his job and Ehrlich’s decision to veto the type of bill that even moderates think is fair.

This gay man, Chip DiPaula, is replacing another
gay man as the Chief of Staff of a homophobic governor!

Now, here’s were it gets interesting. As one self-loathing homosexual bails on Ehrlich, another, James “Chip” DiPaula (above), Maryland’s budget director, is stepping in the become Chief of Staff. Wow, Bob Ehrlich sure likes to keep the gay boys close, eh?

TAKE ACTION: CALL CHIP DiPAULA TODAY and tell him to not work for the man who refused to allow gay men and lesbians to visit their partners in the hospital. And when they throw you the crap that “a new bill is coming in the next session,” don’t fall for their election year run to the middle. These people will say or do anything to retain power…Do not let gay men get away with this!

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