Ethics questions bring Congressman’s sexual orientation back into news

Thank you to Rex Wockner and a few others for passing this bit of information around. It seems that Congressman Randy “Duke” Cunningham has gotten himself into a bit of hot water… Well OK the COOOOOLD waters of the Potomac maybe?

This out from the North Country Times:

Coast Guard records show that Wade owns a boat docked at Cunningham’s slip at DC’s Capital Yacht Club. Cunningham occupies the boat, called “Duke Stir,” “at least part-time” when he’s in DC. Cunningham said his use of Wade’s boat is within ethical boundaries. Cunningham, in the statement: “I am putting information and records together so that you will know how much I pay to stay there, and you will see that everything we’ve done is appropriate.” Center for Governmental Studies Pres. Bob Stern said the arrangement would only be unethical if Cunningham was not paying rent. The ties “go further.” Wade “donated money to Cunningham’s re-election campaign” while Cunningham also spoke at Wade’s defense firm’s Christmas party 12/04.

A computer search 6/15 for nearby similar-sized homes sold between 3/1/04 and 12/31/04 showed an average sale price of $1.28M. Comparable properties sold at the time Cunningham sold his home to Wade’s company “were on average lower in value” than the $1.675M that Wade’s company paid.

Cunningham has long been rumored to be gay or bisexual. A chat today with Mark Olson, Rep. Cunningham’s press secretary brought a swift reply to my question “Is the congressman an out member of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender community?”

“No,” was Olson’s reply, “the Congressman is heterosexual. He is married.” (Of course he said it with the kind of inflection as if assume that a gay or bisexual member of Congress could not be married. Um, Mr. Olson, did you hear the tapes of Ed Schrock?

Ask me how suprised I am to see this scandal surrounding a guy who has a big score of ZERO from the Human Rights Campaign? It seems that all of these guys that govern with no respect fpor ethics also have no respect for other people (Unless, of course that person, buys a boat, slaps your name on it, and lets you, um, “rent” it from him.)

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