NYT Exposes the Family Research Council…and (surprise!) fails to report on closet cases contributing to these groups.

Those of you who regularly read PageOneQ, my lesbian and gay news website, know that the New York Times Magazine ran a huge piece on the ultra-homophobic Family Research Council. What’s Their Real Problem With Gay Marriage? (It’s the Gay Part) – [reg. required], an 8,000 word, eleven page article was quite interesting. It’s amazing to see how an entire business, encompassing dozens of organizations on the national level, have made fortunes based on nothing more than hatred of gay people. The article, which covers the on-going culture war between gay people and right-wing Christian fundamentalists, broke a lot barriers and cut to the core of the issue that has mushroomed onto the national stage as “gay marriage.”

Matt Foreman, executive director of The National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, said, “I don’t think their leaders care about gay people. And I don’t think people as a whole understand how deep-seated the loathing is.” Matt is 110% right and he’s being proven right every day at NGLTF, where he’s managing the fights against these wackos. If nothing else, this article should be proof enough that organizations like NGLTF need our help more than ever.

As usual, the Times omitted the many ways that the closet contributes to the oppression of gays and lesbians through these organizations:

Laura Clark, an anti-gay volunteer who “found herself testifying against” a “bill before the Legislature that would give domestic partners in Maryland the right to make medical decisions for each other,” counts Matt Drudge’s Drudge Report one of her three primary news sources. So, Laura…do you know that you get your news from a closet case?

“The purpose of the hate-crime legislation seems to be just to silence those of us who oppose homosexuality,” Laura is quoted as saying. Actually, Laura, hate crimes legislation is more about stopping brutal beatings and murders of gay people – the kind which I have never heard your leaders decry. Unchallenged violence or “conversion therapy camps,” with choices like that, who wants to make a choice?

Michael Bowman, the director of state legislative relations for Concerned Women for America (CWA) says, “Sometimes we have coordinated attacks…. (t)he marriage issue is waking up alliances that never existed.” When they speak of “coordinated attacks,” they leave very little to the imagination. Are we really supposed to believe these people are coming from a place of love? When they say they are “saving marriage” isn’t it really just the more socially accepted talking meme they use to disguise their hatred of gay people?

And what does Lee LaHaye, the chief financial officer of the CWA have to say about these “coordinated attacks?” In addition to being a gay man who runs all of CWA’s finances, Lee is the gay son of CWA founders Tim and Beverly LaHaye. Could anything be more pathetic than that, really?

Let there be no doubt about what these people seek, the eradication of homosexuality from society. Just one gay person on earth is too much for these bible thumpers. “[T]heir passion comes from their conviction that homosexuality is a sin, is immoral, harms children and spreads disease. Not only that, but they see homosexuality itself as a kind of disease, one that afflicts not only individuals but also society at large and that shares one of the prominent features of a disease: it seeks to spread itself.” Apply that logic and they want to get rid of every last one of us.

“[A]ll but one — who is registered as an Independent — are Republicans.” What a shock?! The next time people tell me I am a partisan hack, I’ll be sure to remind them that the reason there are some many more Republicans exposed on this site says more about the Republican Party than it does about blogACTIVE.com, right Ken Mehlman?

I thought the quote, “(F)or the anti-gay-marriage activists, homosexuality is something to be fought, not tolerated or respected,” was one of the more telling lines in the story. You see, readers, these people are the enemy as they have zero interest in tolerance of any kind. What did gay people to do them? They claim we are intolerant, but is the left intolerant just because it won’t tolerate intolerance? With twisted logic like this, these right wing groups make people believe that gays are the intolerant. In a world where gay men like Jeff Gannon are given direct access to the President (and just how DIRECT that access was still remains unanswered), is it any wonder these nutjobs think we are the intolerant ones?

You need to look no further than Don Dwyer, a member of the Maryland House of Delegates to learn why gay kids kill themselves much more often than straight kids: “They are attempting through the public-school system to teach not only that homosexuality is O.K. but that it’s normal, ” said the delegate. Is there blood on the hands of Don Dwyer? Ask Mary Griffith, a California mother whose gay son jumped off a bridge and killed himself in 1983. Her struggle to accept her role and the role of her church in driving her son to suicide are details in the book Prayers for Bobby.

With all of the news around marriage lately, it did come as a surprise to me that only about a half of gay and bisexual voters favored same-sex marriage, compared with a quarter of all voters. So, for every Will & Grace, there’s a Jeff Gannon. While we cannot be expected to reach out and save every Jeff Gannon – some internalized homophobia issues are best left to mental health professionals – we can work to call out the individuals and institutions that work to bring harm to our community

The greatest battle of all is clearly one of messaging. How else can one explain that only one half of gays and lesbians support marriage rights for gays and lesbians? It’s not that hard to understand in a country where upwards of 40 percent of adolescent suicides are lesbian and gay kids who feel are isolated and alone. I wonder, does the Family Research Council think these deaths are simply a case of a disease knocking itself out?

It’s that same messaging battle that takes the truth and turns it on its end. Using biased research by Stanley Kurtz that was published in the ultra-conservative Weekly Standard, anti-gay activist Evalena Gray actually believes that “[T]he family has disappeared in those Scandinavian countries.” Never mind, Evalena, that a University of Massachusetts study showed how legalizing gay unions in Scandinavian countries had no effect on overall rates of marriage.

“(B)ut Kurtz’s papers continue to get wide circulation among religious conservatives, and for many, his theses have become facts.”

The bottom line, readers is this…If you get people to believe things that aren’t true, you can redefine what the truth is and get them to do anything. Just ask the Family Research Council, Lee LaHaye and Matt Drudge.

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