“You do sound crazy,” I tell Rogers in response to his initial query. “But in a good way.”

Great article in today’s Seattle Weekly by Steve Wiecking (“Closet Raider, Mike Rogers wants politicians to come out, come out, wherever they are”). I particularly thought it was interesting that the Article quoted Andrew Sullivan, pretty-boy-editor-cum-apologist-for supporting-Bush, as saying, “Hypocrites have rights too.”

You’re dammed right they do, Andrew. What they don’t have, however, is the right to run for office, remain closeted, and then work to destroy all that my brothers and sisters have worked so hard to gain. Is the ultra conservative blogger arguing that federal law protects yet another special class? Apparently, I must have missed social studies class in high school when they covered this. Perhaps Sully — that’s Andrew’s ‘inside-the-beltway’ nickname — can answer this: Where in the Constitution does it say people have the right to work against a group that they are secretly a member of?

I LOVE the fact that reporter Steve Wiecking wrote this, as it summarizes my sentiments EXACTLY:

And, Rogers adds, the notion of him “outing” someone like Gurley is ridiculous. “This is what’s unbelievable,” he explains. “I didn’t out him. He was on gay.com with his full-face photo! Now get this [Rogers refers to Gurley’s gay.com profile]: He is cheating on his boyfriend seeking multiple partners for unprotected bareback sex. This man is another successful [graduate] of the Republican sex education network. This is what they want gay men to do. They don’t want them to learn about condoms. They don’t want them to learn about safer sex. They just want them to go out and do what they do without any concern or discussion, and now Dan Gurley and Andrew Sullivan are both successful graduates of their program.” (Sullivan, no favorite of Rogers, is HIV-positive.) (emphasis added)

What more is there to say about these men who follow the right wing and then claim others have the right to be hypocritical? GIVE ME A BREAK!

Yes, I’m biased, but, the article is great. And not because every word is a positive glowing comment, but because it’s done an AMAZING job of explaining why blogACTIVE was born:

The inspiration was a combined outrage over the 2000 Florida election fiasco, the Republican manipulation of the gay marriage issue during 2004, and Rogers’ pained memories of his time as a fund-raiser for New York’s Hetrick-Martin Institute, home of the gay-populated Harvey Milk High School.

Wiecking summarizes the article in a one-liner I just love:

“You do sound crazy,” I tell Rogers in response to his initial query. “But in a good way.”

Thanks to Seattle Weekly and their reporter Steve Wiecking.

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