TAKE ACTION: Save Tony Blair’s son from the clutch of America’s closets

First Bush goes off and recruits Blair for his Iraq debacle and now THIS?

Euan Blair and his mum.

Tony Blair’s son to work with US Republicans: report

He will reportedly be under the wing of Californian lawmaker David Dreier (R), the committee’s chairman and a member of the lower House of Representatives for the Republican Party of US President George W. Bush.

21-year-old Euan, Blair’s eldest son, is soon to graduate from Bristol University in southwest England with a degree in ancient history.

Is “wing” what we call it nowadays? Hmmm. Since it’s been two decades since David Dreier arrived in DC as the Gay GOPoster Party Boy, Euan’s degree in ancient history might come in verrrrrry handy.

TAKE ACTION: We all know the dangers of Republican gay bashing from within the closet…look at Spokane mayor West and former US House member Ed Schrock for proof of that, but does TONY BLAIR know that he is sending his young son off to work with one of these closeted hate cases?

So, do a favor for Euan Blair and click here to write to his dad with the truth about David Dreier. All the distinguished Prime Minister has to do is look at the story of Spokane Mayor James West and former Rep. Ed Schrock to know that Dreier’s place in the history books is destined to be as a self-loathing gay man. After that whole memo thing, we know you can do better than this on Downing Street.

Is THIS what Downing Street wants it’s kids to be working for? A ROY COHN AWARD WINNER?

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