Robert Traynham, aide to Rick Santorum

Original Title: Roy Cohn Award and Take Action

Well, when I learned that the Senate’s number one homophobe (well, OK, he’s tied with Inhofe and Coburn) had a gay man as his chief spokesman I knew it was going to be time to resurrect the Roy Cohn Awards.

For those of you who don’t know the story of Roy Cohn, it’s important to learn it. His terror against gay men started in the 1950s and carried through the 1970s, when he argued that lesbian and gay New Yorkers should be barred from teaching in the public schools.

Problem was, Roy was going after those darned “homosexuals” and at the same time he was going home at night and tricking out with men left and right…Denying his gayness all along the way. His life ended in the 1980s and is the subject of the extraordinary show and film Angels In America.

So, as we remember Roy Cohn, presents the latest Roy Cohn Award to Robert Traynham:


In case you missed it, Traynham is Santorum’s DIRECTOR OF COMMUNICATION! You know, the guy in charge of the “messaging.” Here’s a gay guy working for Rick Santorum who bashes gay men and lesbians and freaks out AP reporters with mentions of “man-on-dog sex.” Ricky, now really! 

Take ACTION: Tell Robert Traynham and his colleagues what you think of him being an openly gay man (and I’m not talking about the celibate kind, either) and working for one of the most homophobic Senators, Rick Santorum.

Click here to open an email to Senator Santorum’s office (a copy will be sent to blogACTIVE and to the public e-mail address Mr. Traynham lists on this site.
Now, I’m, not the type to publish home phone numbers on, and I’m not going to start now. I do find it interesting, however, to see that Robert has his number on the web if you want to give him a buzz…Here’s the 411.


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