Another Trayhnam story and a GREAT editorial

New York’s GAY CITY NEWS, the best know and largest of the gay papers in the city, has a great article by ANDY HUMM on Santorum’s Communications Director, Robert Trayhnam. I’m not sure how they came up with the headline (on the phone he seemed much more bottom than top…but I digress)

Here’s the story: Top Santorum Aide is Gay: Anti-gay Pennsylvania Republican senator stands by communications chief, charges bigotry.

The same issue of the paper has an amazing (OK, I’m biased) editorial about this blog and my work. Editor Paul Schindler, whom I had the honor of meeting on a trip to NYC last fall, wrote some amazing words. A few excerpts:

One Man’’s Outing is Another Man’’s Reporting

Kudos to blogger Mike Rogers for another important piece of investigative journalism that last week turned up the fascinating news that Pennsylvania Republican Sen. Rick Santorum has a gay communications chief, Robert Traynham.

The hypocritical conceit here is that Traynham’s personal life has nothing to do with his work for Santorum, while the truth is that Santorum’’s work could have everything to do with Traynham’’s personal life, and with that of every other gay or lesbian American.

Yet, the mainstream media is beginning to wise up, or perhaps grow up. The Philadelphia Inquirer Saturday carried the Traynham story. By pure serendipity, Sunday’s New York Times Magazine carried a column by the resident ethicist, Randy Cohen, defending reporting about a public figure’’s sexual orientation, particularly when that person’s public posture on gay rights is at odds with their private conduct.

During the time he has run his site, Rogers has performed a valuable service for the gay community, forcing the resignation of a closeted, anti-gay Virginia congressman, but also offering a brave Minnesota Republican state legislator a platform to acknowledge publicly that he is a gay man.

It’’s easy to knock the kind of work that Rogers does, by charging that he’’s basically going through people’s garbage to break his stories. But the journalism he does comes from a proud tradition of forcing the nation to look itself in the eye and acknowledge the everyday lies and hypocrisies in our midst.

(Click here or on the headline for the entire piece)

Thank you Paul and Andy.

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