“ex-gay” Richard Cohen
(Not counting mentor cuddling, of course)

So…lots of Ex-gay news today. WaPo has a big item on the Ex-gay movement and then there’s this item on reparative therapist, Richard Cohen.

Cohen is married with kids (not that he’d be the first gay man to do that, Right Mr. Schrock?). What really hit me hard in the article was this interesting paragraph (the next to last one):

Touch plays a central role in his therapy, said Cohen, who does not treat women. He recommends that clients develop intimate friendships with heterosexual mentors who will cuddle them in a parental, nonerotic way, making up for the love they did not get from their fathers.

So Richie thinks the way to straighthood is by being cuddled by “heterosexual mentors”…Isn’t that what they used to call being in the closet?

UPDATE: The absolute best resource on the “ex-gay” movement is I’ve been a fan of Wayne’s for years…and recently has the honor of meeting him in DC recently. He’s a one-man operation on the dangers of the “ex-gay” movement.

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