John Schlafly, Eagle Forum legal counsel

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Original title: TAKE ACTION: Kudos again to Maher, Write to Phyllis Schlafly

This week’s Real Time with Bill Maher was even a better hit on the right wing than last week, when Bill askedf Phyllis Schlafly about her gay son and the hypocrisy she represents. What Bill forgot to mention was that her gay son is actually an attorney at mom’s homophobic Eagle Forum.

This week Bill had Dan Savage (left) on the show. Dan, editor of The Stranger and author of the hilarious column Savage Love, does a MUCH better job of representing the average gay American than does Maher’s other frequent gay cultural critic, Andrew “Sully” Sullivan. (Dan looks alot better on the show that Sully did — and Dan didn’t take to putting on displays such as this on live TV.

You can TAKE ACTION by clicking here and sending a note to the folks over at the anti0-gay Eagle Forum. Let them know what you think about their hypocrisy. (as always, a copy will be sent to our letter file — you can opt out by removing the blogactive address from the copy field)

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